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Discovering how to efficiently convert solar energy into electrical/chemical energy is one of humanity’s greatest challenges in the 21st century. Among innovative photovoltaic approaches, quantum dots (QDs) solar cells (SC) have exhibited a rapid increase in energy conversion efficiency (ECE) and they are promising devices for their low-cost, theoretically predicted high efficiency, and large-scale solar energy conversion as an alternative to conventional solid-state semiconductor SC. However, the ECE is still quite low (~5-6%) due the presence of charge recombination processes instead of charge separation and collection inside the operating device [ChemPhysChem 11: 2290–2304.]. The control of the surface/interface physico-chemical phenomena regulating charge injection and transport is critical to obtain a breakthrough with respect to the present SC performance. Our research focuses on (i) investigating the injection properties in various oxide/QD systems; (ii) tailoring the electronic band structure of the complex system to maximize exciton separation, charge injection and transport; (iii) increasing significantly the ECE in SC.

Selected Published articles

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Refereed conferences

Zhao, H. G., Chaker, M., and Ma, D. (2010) Towards Synthesis of High-quality Water-soluble Near-infrared Emitting PbS Quantum Dots. 3e Colloque annuel du CQMF, Sherbrooke, Canada, October 7. (poster, provincial)

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Book chapter

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