Yufeng Zhou

Yufeng Zhou
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Nowadays great efforts have been made for developing photovoltaic device, especially the third generation solar cell due to the energy crisis. However, how to achieve high conversion efficiency of solar cell with low fabrication cost is still a huge challenge. One of the most promising architectures is quantum dots sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs), which is similar to Dye sensitized solar cell. Thanks to the quantum mechanical properties of QD, its bandgap is not only rely on its composition and materials, but also can be tuned by changing its size. Almost all photons with energy higher than their band gap will be absorbed by QDs. Upon illumination electrons are injected from the excited QD state into the wide-bandgap semiconductor, while the oxidized QD is recharged by the redox electrolyte.
My main research focuses on (i) developing green QDs such as CuInS2 QDs or CuInSe2-xSx QDs by chemical method; (ii) tailoring their bandgap via varying composition and size; (ii) applying green QDs to prepare QDSSCs and modify the architecture to enhance the power conversion efficiency