Maria Elena Lombardo

Fax: +1 (450) 929-8102

Monitoring the local temperature at the nanoscale is a critical task for at least three major areas of nanoscale science and technology, namely micro/nanoelectronics, integrated photonics, and nanobiotechnology, and is thereby attracting an increasing interest from the scientific community. Quantum dots (QDs) have emerged as competitive temperature sensor candidates due to their sizetunable optical properties, high quantum yield, good photostability, and simple synthesis methods. Semiconductor QDs have also been employed in modern biological analysis as substitutes of the traditional organic dyes for in vitro imaging of pre-labeled cells and also for tumor targeting under in vivo conditions. My research project is focused first of all on the synthesis, characterization and investigation of innovative dual emission core-shell QDs as nanothermometers. Than, I’ll try to investigate the application of QDs as tumor marker and in the field of drug delivery, because although I’m a chemical engineering, thanks to my master’s degree thesis I have acquired knowledge in biomaterials, biological and regenerative medicine fields, so I’m very interested to analyze deeply this topic.


Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Palermo.
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Palermo.