Kanghong Wang

Tel.: +1 (514) 210-5780
Fax: +1 (450) 929-8102

Research areas:
Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) are considered a promising and ideal materials to be applied as light harvester, due to the tunable band gap, high absorption coefficient over broad spectral range and the possibility of multiple exciton generation (MEG) by single photon absorption. However, the fact is that the highest power conversion efficiency (PCE) nowadays is still far away from the theoretical one due to many reasons, the most important one of which is carrier recombination.
The main objectives of my research is to use interface engineering of core/shell QDs to suppress the charge recombination to get high performance solar cells and photoelectrochemical water splitting.

– Master of Material Science, Soochow University, China
– Bachelor of Material Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, China