Research Topics

The NFL group’s interests revolve around understanding the structure-function relationship in novel materials.

Our investigative methods range from fundamental atomistic-scale characterizations to device fabrication and testing. The research can be broken into the following themes:

Self-Assembly, Self-Organization and Functionalization at Surfaces and Interfaces (project leader: Maryam Ebrahimi)

Advanced Materials for Photovoltaics and Sensors (project leader: Haiguag Zhao)

Catalyst Development (project leader: Maryam Ebrahimi)

Dynamic Microscopy for Ultrafast Phenomena (project leader: Maryam Ebrahimi)

Functional Materials for Electronics and Photonics (project leader: Riad Nechache)

Nanotribology (project leader: Catalin Harnagea)

Materials for aerospace applications (project leader: Brahim Aissa)