Luis Cardenas

Luis Cardenas

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My primary research interest is in the area of electronic and structural properties of π-conjugated organic semiconductors, with a special focus on graphene-related materials. Sp2-materials present a growing interest in particular in the field of communication and information technologies. Organic field-effect transistors (OFET), light emitting diodes (LED) and solar panels are promising applications for these organic semiconductors. One of the key points to reach high performances with such devices using conjugated polymers is the elaboration of highly organized structures on surfaces at the single-molecular scale to promote higher electron mobility. Many organic and bio-organic polymers have been used to create a variety of nanomaterials with periodic features from a few nanometers to a few microns. However, the conformational freedom of typical (one-dimensional, 1D) polymer chains, and poorly defined supramolecular architecture of the resulting materials (“soft condensed matter”) limits their application in the areas where a high degree of order needs to be maintained (e.g., electronics). Despite being in its infancy, the introducing of a second dimension in the polymer (i.e. creating continuous 2D polymer sheets) represents a promising opportunity.

Past publications:

  • C. Tournier-Colletta, L. Cardenas, Y. Fagot-Revurat, B. Kierren, A. Tejeda, D.Malterre, P. Le Fevre, F. Bertran, and A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, “Bipolaronic insulator on alkali/Si(111):B-2(√3x√3) R30”. Phys. Rev. B. 82, 165429, (2010).
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  • L. Cardenas. “Etude des propriétés structurales et spectroscopiques des couches ultra-minces d’alcalins déposes sur Si(111)-B”.156 pages, (2010), Ph. D thesis.
  • L. Cardenas, Y. Fagot-Revurat, L. Moreau, B. Kierren and D. Malterre, “Surface-state bipolaron formation on a triangular lattice in the sp-type alkali/Si(111) Mott insulator”. Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 046804, (2009).
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  • L. Cardenas, A. Rodriguez, F. Rueda, R. Casanova, A. Loaiza, “Oxygen and Hydrogen Adsorption Studies by Means of the Kelvin Probe on an Iron Phyllosilicate”. Rev. LatinAm. Metal. Mat. 24, 2, (2004).

NFL publications

G. Vasseur, Y. Fagot-Revurat, M. Sicot, B. Kierren, L. Moreau, D. Malterre, L. Cardenas, G. Galeotti, J. Lipton-Duffin, F. Rosei, M. Di Giovannantonio, G. Contini, F. B. P. Le Fèvre, L. Liang, V. Meunier, and D. Perepichka. Quasi one-dimensional band dispersion and surface metallization in long-range ordered polymeric wires. Nature Communications, 7 (2016). (PDF).
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L. Cardenas, J. Macleod, J. Lipton-Duffin, D. G. Seifu, F. Popescu, M. Siaj, D. Mantovani, and F. Rosei. Reduced graphene oxide growth on 316L stainless steel for medical applications. Nanoscale, 6, 8664 (2014). (PDF).
R. Gutzler, L. Cardenas, J. Lipton-Duffin, M. El Garah, L. E. Dinca, C. E. Szakacs, C. Fu, M. Gallagher, M. Vondracek, M. Rybachuk, D. F. Perepichka, and F. Rosei. Ullmann-type coupling of brominated tetrathienoanthracene on copper and silver. Nanoscale, 6, 2660 (2014). (PDF).
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L. Cardenas, J. Lipton-Duffin, and F. Rosei. Transformations of Molecular Frameworks by Host-Guest Response: Novel Routes toward Two-Dimensional Self-Assembly at the Solid-Liquid Interface. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 50, 08LA02 (2011). (PDF).
R. Gutzler, L. Cardenas, and F. Rosei. Kinetics and thermodynamics in surface-confined molecular self-assembly. Chemical Science, 2, 2290–2300 (2011). (PDF).